Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Oh hi. Before I go on to show you my findings in my search for the cutest nose jewelry out there, I would like to mention that I slipped two times in sixty minutes today due to the thin sheets of ice so desirably placed outside my apartment and in front of my class this morning. I realize that there are increasingly bigger issues occurring at this point in time, and I'm not for self-pity, but my tailbone hurts. Additionally, when the hell did university students become so self involved and careless about their surroundings? Nobody helped me up and asked if I was okay. I always at least ask if the person who fell is alright and give them a caring smile because I know that they are embarrassed. A certain someone then responded to my anguish over the matter today by asking and attempting to understand why I am still offended by what people did this morning and letting it mull in my head for the rest of the day. Normally I would say, you are right, get over it you equally self-concerned princess, Cherita. But I just kind of got a society-shock where people these days really don't care. I find that toughening to my soul as even though I don't care for many people, I still have common courtesy. One time, somebody fell off their bike and spilled their jamba juice. I asked them if they were ok, smiled, they said yes, and thank you. That person will never forget me. Kind of like I will never forget how ignorant people can be. Whatever. (it's never whatever for me).Thank the heavens upon slipping, I ran home to change into these. Honestly, life-saver.Thank you, sister.

In more happier news, I have found the following nose jewelry of extreme liking for myself.

More to come later...
I never realized how much I I love my nose piercing, about as much as I enjoy slipping on ice.

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