Saturday, September 25, 2010


Earlier in 2010, I believe somewhere around late March, a knitter taught me how to knit. Since then, I have become obsessed with it. It is not so much the idea of knitting and creating a certain piece, but more the process of knitting and how much stress can be relieved, how many thoughts can be killed, and last, how many inconsistencies become consistent when you are so focused but so free in what you are doing. It sounds somewhat ridiculous, but it is really therapeutic. My mother used to knit and she learned it from my grandmother who learned it from my great grandmother. She speaks of the designs they used to knit, designs of rabbits, birds, puppies, and flowers. And she speaks of the detail that must be followed, but the satisfaction of the outcome. How my great grandmother used to knit sweaters for my grandmother, who used to knit cardigans for my mother. It all seems so evolutionarily needy, and I promise I will teach my little girl to knit. Because if anything, she will appreciate how the art is carried from generation to generation. Even if my mother didn't teach me, it's the notion that I was taught, and I now know how. It's the idea of knowledge that passes between generations that gives me the satisfaction of being a part of it.
My progress is noted. (Top to bottom, first to third respectively.)

My first knitting project. An extremely skinny scarf.
My second knitting project. A normal width,
multicolored scarf.
My third knitting project. I learned how to knit & purl. (I t
hink it was on accident.)
So with that, I was able to create textural difference in my scarf. It looks great to me.

I want to make mittens next...Something tells me that is a lot more difficult than a scarf. Knitting mittens, here I come.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I have been pointed out my best friend that I need to update my blog. I shamefully left this blog sitting here for almost exactly five months. What kind of blogger am I. (?). Today I woke up and wore Fall clothes in the assumption that it would in fact not, be 80 degrees outside. It, in fact, was. That's good, because I came home in a sweat. I have been working on this song I wrote for a few days since I had a relaxing weekend after a couple tough weeks. Posting lyrics here. I've only come up with lyrics as my piano is broken, maybe. It may just need a new adapter or batteries. Anyway, life is lonely without it.

I don't know what I want to call this song, maybe if you read it you can tell me a good song title.

It’s September

It’s raining

The sole of my brown boot

Is entertaining

It’s covered

In a mush of yellow leaves

And I’ve discovered

The meaning

Of seasons of you and I

It’s not concerning

my thoughts meandering

I’ve just now come to know why

You are Summer

I am Autumn

I am weak

You are bold

We are changing


You in the light

Me in the dark

I cannot simplify this baby

But I know it will not work

We are changing

We are seasons

But we’re different

For what it’s worth

[Insert some creative piano solo, 42 seconds]

Cause in September

I want an April

In October I want a May

And in November

I’m craving August

But December, you’re in my way.

You are Summer

I am Autumn

Let’s let it be

Live like our seasons

We don’t mesh

We’re just in love

Just like that eagle and that dove.

You are summer

I am Autumn

He’s October

I’ve fallen for him.

And those leaves

That were yellow

Turned red

And into brown

I’ve got to leave this place

Autumn was all I made of this town [x4]

I really want my piano to start working so I can come up with some instrumental instead of just writing. Also I want my best friend and other half Jocelyn to play some violin for the song as well. I think it will be a hit, you know, in the Autumn, in the coffee shops.