Monday, September 20, 2010


I have been pointed out my best friend that I need to update my blog. I shamefully left this blog sitting here for almost exactly five months. What kind of blogger am I. (?). Today I woke up and wore Fall clothes in the assumption that it would in fact not, be 80 degrees outside. It, in fact, was. That's good, because I came home in a sweat. I have been working on this song I wrote for a few days since I had a relaxing weekend after a couple tough weeks. Posting lyrics here. I've only come up with lyrics as my piano is broken, maybe. It may just need a new adapter or batteries. Anyway, life is lonely without it.

I don't know what I want to call this song, maybe if you read it you can tell me a good song title.

It’s September

It’s raining

The sole of my brown boot

Is entertaining

It’s covered

In a mush of yellow leaves

And I’ve discovered

The meaning

Of seasons of you and I

It’s not concerning

my thoughts meandering

I’ve just now come to know why

You are Summer

I am Autumn

I am weak

You are bold

We are changing


You in the light

Me in the dark

I cannot simplify this baby

But I know it will not work

We are changing

We are seasons

But we’re different

For what it’s worth

[Insert some creative piano solo, 42 seconds]

Cause in September

I want an April

In October I want a May

And in November

I’m craving August

But December, you’re in my way.

You are Summer

I am Autumn

Let’s let it be

Live like our seasons

We don’t mesh

We’re just in love

Just like that eagle and that dove.

You are summer

I am Autumn

He’s October

I’ve fallen for him.

And those leaves

That were yellow

Turned red

And into brown

I’ve got to leave this place

Autumn was all I made of this town [x4]

I really want my piano to start working so I can come up with some instrumental instead of just writing. Also I want my best friend and other half Jocelyn to play some violin for the song as well. I think it will be a hit, you know, in the Autumn, in the coffee shops.

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  1. cherita, i am concerned that i am going to literally die from these lyrics... i've been having a problem lately in which i say literally when i don't think i can possibly mean "literally," but i think this might be literal? i'll help you with a song title, never fear.