Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Oh my God. This post is long overdue considering my love for October began 13 days ago. Happy October. Happy Happy Happy October. I get really upset when I think about how there are only 18 days left. It's just this thing I do. Get excited for beautiful things to begin but depress myself knowing that they will end. Like a great concert. I always do that with concerts. So, to my surprise, there are some pretty cool trees around where I live and I decided that I am going to follow the life of this one tree for the rest of October. I literally need to remind myself by writing it on my hand or something to take a picture of said tree everyday. Except that I missed today. Literally. I'm sounding more and more like my best friend Jocelyn who uses literally when she doesn't really mean literally, literally! I thought it was a really cute idea of me to follow the path of this tree through October, into November, and into December. I just will be taking a picture of it on my phone's camera. The first time I did it, a few days ago (yes I am aware following a few days ago during the subsequent days I have not taken a picture, but I vow to start tomorrow) people were looking at me oddly. You will notice that the tree is on the side of a sidewalk path. Where I may or may not have stopped traffic to take the picture. I don't know, it's something about this tree that when I first saw it, it looked so pretty. And then today it was raining, and there were yellow and red leaves falling off it. And it made me think, I want to keep track of you. What you look like throughout October. I really hope I can stick with it. Because regardless of what we think, we change over days. Just like the tree does. Just last Thursday it was happy in blue skies, and today it was sad and quivering. So what is it tomorrow? I'll be taking pictures to find out, about the tree; and about October. Taking October in, let this season begin. Good day Autumn.

The tree.
Need to figure out the name of this tree.
It is different from my main tree.
But the red berries make me happy.
Something about the hay grass and berries:Fall.
I made this picture my background. Pure beauty.

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