Monday, December 20, 2010


Have I used this verb before? Probably not because I usually try to think of verbs that will catch someone's attention, for the most part. However since updating and blogging bear somewhat synonymous meanings, I guess I am not so creative. So there's that.

And then there is this guy:
Matt Cusick.

He creates this phenomenal art. Now, I have always enjoyed art. But I must say. I've always like some oddity of art. Like the atypical art. Like Mr. Cusick's. I am being one of those girls who says "like" all the time. For this, it's appropriate. I think.


I encourage you to take a look at his other work, that which includes this beautiful image.

So it is a collaged artwork of words. Which is so elating to me because people so often say that art is the process of expressing a thought or feeling without text. But it can be with text. The combination of the two is exhilarating, think of the art of words & the art of images. Separate, they are breathtaking. Together, exhilarating.

So the only reason I found Matthew Cusick's art is because I had googled eco-friendly transportable speakers. So then I found this awesome Green Diary blog. I am pretty much obsessed with it. So I found the speakers I had been looking for. Maybe the one thing I will ask for Christmas. Because I like to call myself a Holiday Christian. So these are the speakers.
Could they honestly be any cooler.

Cheers to this log. They can be cooler.

If anyone knows me they know that I love and genuinely enjoy being eco-friendly. I know that is "so like, this new generation and era type revolution, to pretend to be something you really aren't" but I actually genuinely care. I'm not really talking about recycling bottles, cans, paper, etc. I do that, but I'm speaking of larger scaled things. I haven't changed the world yet which is odd because I'm really great (note: sarcasm) but despite my belief in microscopic changes having a macroscopic effect, I actually believe in something more simple, what I like to call EARTH.
Entertain the idea that
All natural
Resources are
Taken for granted, but underlie the truth to
Healing mother Earth.

It's like a fake acronym. One time Sophomore year in College I came up with it during my Ecology class. This is the same class that furthered my interests in Environmental Ecology and lead me to take Natural Resource Ecology, Fish & Wildlife Ecology, and Community Ecology. All classes that I've honestly given all my attention and dedication to.

In personal news winter vacation is bringing out the lazy in me. I have plans to knit, read, and create some art. Hopefully I will get to all of that, I have no reason not to.

I'll be better at updating this, I promise, my friend. Probably the only friend who reads this. And so when I write it, I feel like I'm in conversation with her.

It's what I do.


  1. Beautiful article. Glad to see there's still people in this world who care about our world and our ecosystem. I have lived the past 4 months in a country that devotes a lot of time and money into our ecosystem and our natural surroundings, and if more countries and more humans followed that example, this world would be a better place. Thank you for a great piece of literature.

  2. I love you like crazy. Converse with me alllll day :)