Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Building friendships, careers, empires, whatever. I don't know what I'm building, but I know my best friend Pooja is building her stairs to conquer Paris. This is because she got her internship at ChloƩ. Wish there was a "scream" button on this keyboard; (!) will suffice. So proud of my darling. But I also hate Paris because it is removing my friend from my life for some months, so I'm bitter. Currently working out applying to study abroad in Ireland and work out the kinks of how I can go see her in Paris come Summer, two thousand and 10. Will miss this girl dearly, till next Fall. This week is long, sleepless, and cold. I'm home bound in a few days and ready to allow the laziness to seethe in, along with family time and admiration of this holiday season that's not as exciting to me as it is to everyone else. Alas, maybe going home will be the first stairstep in building up that holiday excitement. Maybe.

Oh. Good Morning.

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