Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Christmas week was all snow and shivers. I don't mind it when I'm watching it, but there is something about my driveway laced with layers of thin, slippery ice that seems sabatoging of mother nature to impose on such an earth loving person as myself. Especially considering I have completed reading 1,001 Ways to Save the Earth. Really though, unless your sitting inside watching it, shoveling, cracking, throwing, and piling chunks of snow and ice really is just pointless in it falling to the ground. However, maybe that's what evolution intended for and it is only inconvenient to us because we developed vehicles which catalyzed driveway pavements and subsequently the need to clear snow. I remember seeing a picture in a National Geographic magazine of a tree in the cold skies with a Jay perched onto it surrounded with red berries or flowers in Finland. and I'm not sure if it was the angling and skill of the photographer or just the mere beauty of nature itself, but it was honestly the most beautiful red berry tree I've seen. I'm sure there was a specific name for both the tree and photographer, and till this day I wish I could remember at what office I read that magazine to withhold the photo from all others. Or, I could go through all my father's collection of National Geographics as we are lifetime subscribers. Well, I managed to do a google stalk search of "Finland" and "National Geographic" and "Red" and found the photo! I am so thrilled because there were many beautiful photos in this issue which featured Oulanka National Park, Finland. Here are a couple of many beautiful photos.

Photography by Peter Essick

If you can, I recommend taking a look at the rest of the photos. The writing is photography in words, and probably one of my favorite written photography collaborations.

Here's to me wishing that when it was snowing, winter looked like said pictures on the left or right. Instead, the pixellation created by the sliding netted door of my patio creates this wintery image itself. Not so much what I was wishing for. Thanks, Illinois.

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