Thursday, November 19, 2009


One of those weeks where it is constantly pouring, constantly drizzling, and (or) constantly gloomy. Despite me being able to wake up at whatever hour I choose on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have not seen the sun in these recent days. Instead, I have seen wet uggs, sneakers, and uggs again. Indisputably, it is relatively safe to say that uggs offer no protection for the wetness of the ground and its respective puddles. Not only do they fail to offer wetness protection, but the hole that has seethed through my left ugg creates significantly more problems than I would have hoped. I thought these shoes were everlasting, but they are obviously only good for walking around in my apartment and cooking because I hate the feeling of cold tile on my bare feet. That was one of few issues I had with my past apartments. It's not even the hard-textured floors holistically that anger me, but just tile itself. I adore wooden floors and can't wait to have them in my house (future). Speaking of house, it would be nice to get to mine anytime soon. Unfortunately and fortunately, I have scheduled my EMT-B clinical hours in the ambulance and Emergency Room for this weekend of two shifts totalling twenty hours. It should be grand. I get really anxious which leads to nervousness when I have to try new things out, but I'm wishing for the best and to save a life or two: I wish. In further news, I came specifically to the library to update this and am meticulously writing it as a result. I have just witnessed two studious collegiates unscrewing a lightbulb from one light, and transferring it to the light at their desired table. They must be engineers, because I wouldn't have the guts to do that in a public space. Moreover, I am at an engineering library and am not that surprised at such behavior. I really hope that this weekend is enriching, relaxing, and enjoyable. As for the rain, though I have nothing against you falling over the skies of England and Ireland in my presence, Champaign, Illinois skies don't give me enough reason to love you as much. But if you wish to keep falling, I'll just have to do my best at (hopping puddles).


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  1. it never rains in chicago (white lie). come. love, chocelyn. ps my lala credits are about to run out and i'm feeling a lot of pressure. i just know that i'm going to blow it and pick terrible songs that i will never want to listen to again.