Friday, November 13, 2009


This week I had exam after exam, with induced sickness, and lack of sleep. I didn't realize it was Mid-November already and that people had already started Christmas shopping until I rode the bus this morning and I heard an elderly woman talking to a stranger about how she is cutting down on Christmas spending this year, and making baked goods baskets instead of buying bulky, shared, ultimately unliked presents. I mean to say, there are always those presents that people don't ever use or like, but you still get the present because it is the meaning of a present that is satisfying you and the recipient. Anyways, my point of the story was that it is almost Christmas, which means it is almost two thousand and ten, which means time is passing faster than I want it to. I'm sitting here venting about exams and lack of sleep but before I know it that part of my week is over and a whole new week of the exact same thing is beginning, and this cycling manner will end in another week, and begin in the next. I think I'm nervous about time passing, per usual. Wish that things would pause for a day or two to just mull things over.

Since today is an hourglass, I'll pause time myself. Today, I will mull.
The photo: Duart Castle, Isle of Mull, Scotland.
If only I could mull things over there.

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