Saturday, November 14, 2009


There is nothing better than quality time with girlfriends, dancing by yourselves and with each other to sleezy, dirty, really bad rap music. Those were the bulk of my events last night after what seemed like a week that lasted a month, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Soon after came home to watch an episode of Lockup: Raw, which completely fulfilled my night. After tossing and turning from what one might call sleep but what I would call thinking, I finally fell asleep and woke up at the ungodly hour of seven a.m. Meaninglessly flipped through channels and snuggled in my comforters in this apartment where I'm pretty sure the heater has failed to work, considering it is set to seventy-four degrees and I'm feeling frostbit. Also, this unusual noise usually comes whenever the heater is on, and I didn't hear it all night. Thank you, heater, for not being there when I need you most. Today, then, as a result of being so cold, lazy, and ultimately useless, I decided it would be okay to wake up at three p.m. after lengthy organized plans to study for organic chemistry exam which lies ahead this Wednesday. Now I am stuck in front of this computer listening to Yann Tiersen, whom I love, wishing that this heater would fix itself, and justifying my lazyness for my ambition to fix the heater; moreso hope it fixes itself. Today is all about justifying.

Bring me warmth.


  1. the idea behind this blog is genius.
    this blog is genius.
    you are genius.
    and i'm all about the genius.

  2. I acquired genius traits from you.