Monday, November 16, 2009


University of Illinois' GEO had a strike today, and they had blocked off entrances to many of the main buildings inside the quad leaving students to either a) Disregard their presence b) Not go to class. Lucky, or maybe not, for me, none of the buildings I had classes in were blockaded, but it was a great time watching the protests and chants from a distance. The basis of the strike is eliminating tuition waivers for graduate students. However, the University is keen on not having said anything about eliminating any further tuition waivers as they had before, and the graduate students are indisputably arguing that the University is putting them in detrimental situations by threatening to eliminate tuition waivers as many of them have families to take care of and don't receive a valid enough monthly stipend. My opinion? None. Honestly, there are several factors I could insist that the University be spending less money on, like the new corinthian pillars outside of Lincoln Hall. But some things are just unchangeable, and though I do commend them for the protest, I think the University is too stubborn and concerned with other matters like...athletics. Which I may or may not have an issue with. Till then, I will sit back, admire the pillars, pray to mother nature that if it rain, it not be cold; and just observe: myself and others both.

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    and you look HOTS. i wanna borrow that dress...

    and F the rain.